Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione Effective For Skin Whitening? 30-DAY UPDATE + REVIEW

Are you looking for an affordable yet effective Glutathione supplement for skin whitening?

But you're too anxious to check out which Glutathione supplement in the Philippine market today is going to meet your skin whitening expectations?

This article will give you some recommendations on which Glutathione supplements to consider.

If you have been following Anna Cay (one of the top beauty vloggers in the Philippines today) for quite some time now, for sure you have already heard of Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione.

But the big question is...

Is it safe and effective Glutathione Supplement?

Let me give you my honest review about Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione.

Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione Supplement Review Effective For Skin Whitening

Why do I take Glutathione Supplements?

To be honest, I am not particularly interested in the skin whitening effect of Glutathione because I am already gifted with fair skin.

What I am after is the antioxidant benefit of Glutathione.

Our body naturally produces Glutathione.

However, it gets depleted every time we get sick or overly tired.

So my sickly and hardworking self decided to take Glutathione supplements to somehow replenish the depleted Glutathione in my body.

What is Glutathione?

According to Anna-Liisa Levonen, a Professor at University of Eastern Finland, Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants present in the cell.

It’s probably known to many that Glutathione is one of the body’s best defenses against aging, cellular damage and disease.

Who influenced me to buy Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione?

As I have mentioned earlier, Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione is being advertised by one of my favorite YouTubers, Anna Cay.

My curiosity led me to buying one bottle of Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione for myself.

Anna Cay is an authorized distributor of Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione so just in case you want to try it for yourself, you can buy one from her Shopee account @prelovedbyannacay.

What's inside Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione?

One bottle is supposed to have 60 capsules but I got 61 capsules.

I’ve been reading a lot of complaints that they only got 59 capsules or even less. Lucky for me, I got one extra capsule.

I bought my Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione from Shopee also. The store name is @skin_goods.

How to make sure if it's authentic Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione?

Be careful because fake products are everywhere.
  1. Authentic Luxcent bottle contains a plastic inside whereas fake bottles contain a cotton inside.
  2. Do the iodine test. On a half-filled glass of water, put two to three drops of Betadine then add the Glutathione powder from one capsule. Stir the mixture. If the mixture stays clear, it's authentic. If the mixture becomes cloudy, it is fake.
  3. Authentic Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione capsules have a super fine powder while fake capsules have a grainy texture.
  4. Authentic Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione smells like rotten egg.

What Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione claims?

From Luxcent's website, it claims that Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione is the latest whitening Japan formulation from their manufacturing lab in USA. From the label it says:

"Intelligent antioxidant formulated in Japan promotes cell renewal and cell restoration protects cells from free radicals slowing premature aging and sagging. This unique formula is synergetically combined with essential glutathione boosters & B vitamins to encourage cellular metabolism for cell repair, hydration and rejuvenation."

Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione Supplement Review Effective For Skin Whitening

Recommended intake is twice daily, one in the morning and one in the evening.

I followed this religiously and took it along with 500mg of generic Vitamin C which I bought from Watson's Pharmacy.

Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione Supplement Review Effective For Skin Whitening

Is Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione FDA-Approved?

The packaging itself didn't say it is indeed FDA approved. So I guess it hasn't really been approved by FDA (as of yet).

I checked the FAQ section on Luxcent's website but there was no mention of it being FDA approved, either.

If FDA approval is something that you require before purchasing an oral supplement, you must think twice before buying Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione for yourself.

What I like about Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione?

  1. Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione has significantly improved my sleep.
  2. Whitening or glowing effect is definitely there! I could see myself glowing even without makeup. 
  3. My feet used to be some shades darker that the rest of my body but Luxcent was able to even out my skin tone from head to toe.
  4. My face also didn't get too oily even if I have really oily skin.
  5. My open pores appeared to be less apparent also. 
  6. I didn't experience any negative side effects while taking Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione.

If you're particularly interested in the "skin whitening" effect of Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione, I can totally vouch for this!

What I dislike about Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione?

  1. Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione made me feel so sleepy and sluggish the entire day even if I was supposed to be awake and working! 
  2. It isn't FDA-approved.
  3. It smells like rotten egg, which is common with all Glutathione supplements, by the way.
  4. The packaging looks cheap to me.
  5. There's only a few authorized online sellers. Fakes are everywhere.

Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione Supplement Review Effective For Skin Whitening

Will I repurchase Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione?

Maybe not because I would still prefer Glutathione supplements that are FDA-approved.

If you have also tried Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione, feel free to share your experiences in the comment section.

I would be happy to know your thoughts about this product!

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PRICE: P1200 (60 capsules per one bottle)
FROM: Shopee
OTHER LOCATIONS: Authorized Online Distributors on Instagram, Shopee and Facebook



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